Private Lessons for Kids and Adults

*At this point in time the CWC private lesson roster is full and only available to existing members. Please check back in the future*

Private lessons are an excellent option for students looking to prepare for a Grading or supplement their training, or for individuals seeking a truly personalised Wing Chun training regime.

Learning in a safe one on one environment is one avenue to fast tracking learning through flexible lessons. Each lesson is customised to your desired goals, individual ability and experience, fitness level, even your energy levels at any given lesson. In this way private lessons are a path to maximising the benefits for you.

By taking private lessons, we can train you intensely or as easy as you need. We understand that your body may be in peak condition one day and you can be pushed hard, yet you may be tired or not at your peak at your next lesson and need the pace to be easier.

Some students may be predisposed to stress and or anxiety and may not necessarily want an audience or heavy social interaction during training. Others may have a busy or erratic schedule and may wish to train during the day or late at night. CWC private lessons cater for this. Students must however understand that training in a class environment enables a different form of pressure testing as well exposure to training against a variety of skill-sets and body types.

Fully insured and equipped private lessons (including the use of equipment such as bags, wooden man, gym, weaponry etc.) are available to CWC members in Weston Creek between the hours of 8am and 8pm weekdays, and by negotiation on weekends.

  • $50 per session for Adults
  • $40 per session for Kids