Instructor Brendan Bail

Brendan Lee Bail has over 20 years’ experience and passion in martial arts. Now in his late 40’s, Brendan has increasingly found the economy and simplicity of Wing Chun to be both practical and effective.

Since November 2016 Brendan has been studying Practical Wing Chun under Sifu Anto Abramovic (lineage of Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung & Sifu Allan Graham).

Prior to this he trained under Sifu Allan Graham for 11 years (2005 – 2016) as well as a short, intensive and highly educational stint of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2014 (Will-Machado).

From 1989-1997 Brendan was a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do (National School, instructors Garry Seary, Paul Welch and Robert de Groot) and Kickboxing / freestyle Karate (Zen Do Kai, instructor Michael Domaschenz).

Brendan is a certified Second Level (Grade Seven) Wing Chun Practitioner, awarded by Sifu Allan F Graham in 2012. He is also a certified instructor with Martial Arts Australia (MAA) which is the peak industry body for the martial arts community.

He also holds a current First Aid Certificate, a Dealing with Vulnerable People card, and has completed the Australian Sports Commission NCAS: Beginning Coaching General Principles course. 

Brendan is currently working towards obtaining his Certificate III in Sport and Recreation (SIS30510).

Outside of Martial Arts Brendan has also attained a ANU Bachelor of Arts (Ancient History & Archaeology major), an AMEB Pianoforte Grade 8, and a Cert IV in Government Procurement & Project Management.